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Intro to Sisterhood
SISTERHOOD is a place for women of all ages to come together and form lifelong relationships centered around Jesus. SISTERHOOD will be a place where we will celebrate the good times and be there for each other in the tough times. We will lift each other up with LIFE-GIVING conversation and be encouraged by growing together through special SISTERHOOD Bible Studies, Sorority Groups, and special events throughout the year.

Sisterhood Culture

  • Sisters stay strong when they stick together

  • Big sisters know little sisters need them

  • Little sisters lean in and listen

  • Sisters don’t compare wins, they celebrate them

  • Sisters share laughter & wipe tears

  • Sisters seek to turn wrongs into rights

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Sorority Groups

Sisterhood Sorority Groups coincide with our general Groups season for three months in the spring and fall. Sorority Groups meet once a month to hang out for some food or fun and to share life’s celebrations and difficulties. Join a group today and get to know your new best friends!

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